I was so excited yesterday,…please accept my apology for being in such a rush.  I must say the workmanship on this horn is outstanding!  Thanks again & take care.   God bless!


“An enormous shout out to Bill for fixing my poor, pitiful broken flute. I am neck deep into rehearsals for Hello! Dolly which starts next week in Monroe. Much music still to learn and a non functional instrument couldn’t have come at a worse time. Thank you for taking away an enormous worry and stressor, Bill. If any of my friends in the Seattle area need an instrument repaired, Bill is the guy to contact!! Quality Band Repair in Duvall.”


“I trust Bill with my instruments because he is passionate about what he does. He takes the time to walk me through each and every repair or estimate and always defers to what will be easiest on me! Having an instrument is a lifelong commitment (& pleasure!) and I always rest easy knowing that when I drop it off, it is in hands that will respect it, regardless of it’s age, or current market value. I have also purchased several instruments from Bill and have been pleased with the purchase price and his willingness to work with me on payments. When my instrument is in need of some TLC, my first choice is Bill Habetler – Every Time.”


“I wanted to drop you a note expressing my gratitude for the job you did with my Schilke trumpet. I am so glad that you were very cerebral when considering our options. Keeping the tuneable bell keeps the integrity of what the horn was designed for by Schilke while modifying the instrument with a Conn Bell (without etchings), has given me a fuller harmonic rainbow of fullness of sound that the original Schilke bell did not possess. You saved me approximately $300 modifying the Conn bell to fit while also making the instrument sound warmer and fuller. The Schilke is still more responsive and easier to play than my “Wild Thing” trumpet while possessing nearly as resonant a sound. 

I cannot say enough about how pleased I have been using Bill’s Instrument Repair business for all of my instrument tune-ups and repairs. He is a craftsman that shows great talent and care with his ability to keep my several instruments working at a very high level. Unfortunately, I am rough on my horns but Bill brings the instruments back to a high standard of performance. I have enjoyed my business relations with Bill and appreciate his professionalism and high standards very much.”


“Bill Habetler is a professional repair technician and a musician. I have used his services for the past 6 years. Bill is friendly, honest and approachable. He has always made himself available on short notice, does a thorough job, and always stands by his repairs. I have purchased several of his used instruments. His prices are reasonably fair and the instruments are of very good quality. Bill knows his stuff and I highly recommend his services!”